AViary Video Tools to launch the latest magpi solo at ISE2015

Showcasing the latest media players from their AViary Video Tools range, Green Hippo’s ISE exhibition will feature the all new magpi solo, besides the Par4Keet, 2Kan and magpi players.

AViary Video Tools is a fresh approach to the challenges of displaying video in a host of environments and applications from corporate AV to installation. The complimentary set of products, are aimed at enabling users to playback, manipulate and display media in ways not encountered before and all in broadcast quality, high-resolution formats.

For installation professionals requiring the realtime power and high definition capabilities of a magpi but only require a single output channel, the magpi solo is the ideal tool. magpi solo not only provides realtime playback control, but uniquely delivers control for parameters such as speed, in and out points, and geometry along with colour and contrast correction in realtime. All changes can be stored within the timeline controller with the option to trigger playback and adjust parameters via external protocols such as SMPTE timecode, MIDI and many more.

Features such as VideoMapper, RegionMapper and PixelMapper cover all eventualities for projection mapping, LED display wall routing or architectural installations. With a robust compact chassis supporting wall-mount options, magpi can be installed just about anywhere and configured and controlled remotely from any distance.

Info: www.green-hippo.com

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