SGM conquers the elements at Osnabrück Moonlight Shopping Finale

The recent SGM Demo Tour in Germany enabled Vorlights, the nationwide multimedia production company, to test some of the products at the conclusion of the annual Moonlight Shopping Show. Enjoying some late summer weather, tens of thousands of customers and visitors enjoyed the event in the Osnabrück indoor and Old Town areas. The Vorlights team ensured once again that the evening’s final highlight would be set spectacularly against the beautiful backdrop of the historic City Hall.

“Despite the very limited budget, we try each year to create a completely different look with the staging,” said Thorsten Vorkefeld, the creative head and owner of Vorlights. Therefore, the team of lighting, sound, video projection and fireworks specialists consists of just six employees, who collectively realise a spectacular show finale lasting almost 13 minutes.

However, this generally requires weather protection for the respective devices, as well as the use of domes for the lighting. Alternatively, some things are just not possible under certain conditions, while the close proximity of buildings can also compromise the pyrotechnics.

“And so we were extremely impressed from the very beginning with the performance of the SGM products,” states Michael Flottemesch, who was responsible for the lighting design and video content. “We were able to freely position the fixtures and they delivered a full-on performance, despite the adverse weather conditions — and the enormous light output was just great!” Thorsten Vorkefeld provided his own endorsement, adding that in the company’s upcoming AQUApro Watershows the IP65-rated G-Spot would be a great addition.

In fact for the Moonlight Shopping finale Vorlights knew they were able to fall back on 12 of the G-Spots, along with four Q-7 and two X-5 strobes, which harmonised perfectly with the two video projection screens.

Right at the beginning the G-Spots lit the façades of the historical area with powerful abstract colours, while the City Hall façade was also treated to panoramic projections before dynamic pyrotechnics brought a spectacular end to proceedings.

Marco Heller of SGM, who oversaw the equipment deployment on site, was equally impressed, describing it as “a really great show!”.

Although this was largely due to the outstanding performance of the SGM fixtures, the fact remains that the show would have been the exact same had it been pouring with rain — since all SGM gear been fully weather-proofed.


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