MOTU AVB Audio Interface 112D

At NAMM Show 2015, MOTU presented the new AVB Audio Interface 112D. Seventh of a series of new high-end audio interfaces, 112D offers 24 AES/EBU channels, 24 ADAT channels and 64 MADI (AES10) channels making up a total of 112 I/O simultaneous digital channels, all in a single rack unit. It can work as a stand-alone or as a component of a series of MOTU AVB networks and shares many of the features of mixing, routing, networking and wireless control of MOTU‘s AVB interface line-up.


112D has a series of BNC MADI connections (in and out), that provide 64 I/O channles at 1x sample rate, 32 (or 28) channels at 2x and 16 (or 14) channels at 4x (up to192 kHz). MADI, AES/EBU peripherals can be connected, as well as computers, mixing consoles, AVB networks, to connect/address the channels to and from any of the components connected.

112D is also able to carry out MADI-to-AVB conversions with almost zero latency. The high DSP offers a mixer with 48 channels, 12 bus stereo with effects including modelled analogical EQ, vintage compression and classic echo. Users can mix the audio from any point of the network and with any type of controller.

Another advantage of the use of MOTU devices as interface is that users can insert their 112D interface at 100 m from their computers, exploiting the existing network of infrastructure or standard connection at affordable prices.


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