NAMM 2015: second day

During this second day, we saw a number of innovations with good performance at affordable pricesfound. This is a short summary of what you may have already read, seen and listened to in the articles of this special on NAMM.

PreSonus StudioLive RM32AI is truly an interesting instrument from the highly active company PreSonus. To cut a long story short, with less than USD 2,000 (starting price) you can get a mixer with 32 ch, integrated DSP, 52×34 audio interface, FireWire 800, effects, LAN/Wi-Fi and much more, with really acceptable quality. Adding a computer, tablet or surface control and the audio mixer is ready to go, for enthusiasts of this “new” type of mixer without fader.

Blue Microphones presented two interesting products: MoFi headphones have a very accurate design, with a lot of attention not only on sound but also full of details connected to comfort and ease of use for operators who need to use these instruments for long periods. Another important feature is the wearability of the headphones, which are extremely lightweight, despite their considerable size.

Hummingbird‘s small condenser is based on another very important insight. To tell the truth, a few years ago there was actually another articulated-type product on the scene … but the name of the model … Having said that, it’s clear to see how the ability of the capsule to rotate almost 180° is really useful. Just imagine these in a situation with compact and intricate drum sets live and in studio, and how these features can help. If the microphone sound is also good, as we would expect from a company like Blue Microphones, in our opinion it could be one of the best products we have seen recently.

Focusrite presented Clarett, interesting because it is their first module with Thunderbolt interface, really fast with a wide dynamic range and latency of less than 1ms. Clarett interfaces are also equipped with new pre-amplifiers built to ‘imitate’ the impedance and echo of ISA transformers and are also able to offer classic Focusrite sound with a touch of a button.


Shure presented a series of new products at this edition of NAMM, including the PG ALTA series, a product with excellent performance and affordable price, which can be the best opportunity for operators with a tight budget who, in any way, want to use professional products. The series is made up of two microphones for voice, a wide diaphragm cardiod condenser microphone with side recording for vocal and instrumental recordings, four microphones for amplified, acoustic and wind instruments, as well as three microphones for drums and two drum kits with from 4 to 6 microphones.

IMG_1832-pg alta

MOTU introduced a complete range of interfaces with AVB protocol, which can be used thanks to the AVB MOTU Switch. It is therefore a clear stance of this historical producer of audio modules that believes and invests on this standard which, even if quite interesting and followed closely by companies and professional artists, seems to have difficulties in establishing itself as the next standard for digital audio (and video) transmission…

see you tomorrow for more innovations from NAMM 2015

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