Two new models for RCF’s L-PAD range

Oscar Mora, product specialist for North and South America at RCF presented the two new models that complete the L-PAD range of audio mixers, which are compact but have high performance and flexibility, and Italian design that is both modern and elegant, and which increases its attractiveness. L-PAD is an excellent instrument for any live audio application – from a rock group or a jazz quartet, up to being able to manage a conference hall or multi-media centre, museum or library.


At NAMM we had the chance to see for ourselves the 24-channel model with an affordable price, which has a series of interesting and quality features. It has 24 channels, 4-bux mixer with 18 mic/ line inputs (14 with dynamic compression) and 4 stereo inputs.

It has also been equipped with the possibility of managing up to 4 groups, as well as other additional controls on each channel with regards to managing effects. It also has an interchangeable card for USB, Wireless or Bluetooth adapters. In the video, Oscar explains the ease of use of a USB interface on a 16-channel model.


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