Sennheiser presents the first ew D1

Today’s first surprise here at NAMM comes from Sennheiser, and is the evolution wireless D1, a new series of digital wireless microphones in which transmitters and receivers are combined automatically setting transmission frequencies without any disturbance. Ew D1, as Martin Fischer, product manager at Sennheiser, tells us in the video interview, works in the 2.4 GHz range, which is license-free worldwide.


To allow the co-existence with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other 2.4 GHz systems, D1 receivers carry out continuous scans of the RF environment and, on identifying interference, changes to a different frequency easily and subtly. Two channels are always transmitted: thanks to system time diversity and frequency diversity, a redundant back-up channel is always guaranteed. Transmission reliability is guaranteed by the speed of antenna switching diversity.

Evolution wireless D1 uses aptX Live® codec, which ensures excellent audio quality with wide dynamics for vocals, spoken and instrumentals across the entire range of frequencies. Overall latency is only 3.9 milliseconds. ew D1 automatically sets the correct sensitivity of the microphone, thus automatically ensuring the correct audio level.

The control menu of ew D1, allows to set a wide range of audio effects, including a seven-band graphic equalizer, a low-cut filter, automatic gain control and de-esser. The D1 vocal systems come with dynamic evolution microphone heads but can naturally also be combined with the condenser capsules from the acclaimed series, which are available as accessories. ew D1 systems coordinate themselves fully automatically. For multiple systems, receivers will synchronize themselves to accommodate up to 15 channels in an ideal RF environment.


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