Gator iD Microphone

Our super on-site reporter Guido Block presents the new Gator iD Microphone stands. Rob Garofalo from Gator speaks about this product and features:

“These are our iD Series Microphone stands. iD Series stands for Industrial Design and we have worked hard on the industrial design of these stands. We have removed all the handles, as they are the first things that break on a microphone support. We substituted them with easy to use clips, which open quickly and close really well, stopping the stands from moving.


They are really easy to set up, also because we have eliminated all the parts that could break, strip or loosen. Alongside the nice design of the clips, we have also used a different design from others for the base, with more area (bigger) for greater stability. It folds up and becomes really compact, becoming a very small cylinder. It is easier to transport than most other stands with handles and screws, and has a really stable support.

Another feature here is the possibility of setting the microphone stand when the clamps are blocked. Turning the back part enables to turn the microphone, such as with overheads on drums, you can set the microphone without having to climb up on the instruments.”


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