Winter NAMM 2015: New MXL GOLav™ Lavalier Microphone Lets GoPro™ Users Narrate Their Adventures

GoPro™ users can record their own commentary onto their GoPro™ cameras with the new MXL GOLav™ Lavalier Microphone. The GOLav™ works with GoPro™ Hero3, Hero 3+ and Hero4 cameras. It has a rugged, low profile, right angle connector that is compatible with GoPro™ cases. The GOLav™ is the first lavalier microphone for GoPro™ that has the right angle mini USB connector built into the microphone cable, so no adapter is needed.

The GOLav™ is built for adventure! The microphone cable’s low profile, right angle connector prevents the wear that can occur from bending the cable. A foam windscreen is included to minimize wind noise and plosives. A bonus fuzzy windscreen provides an extra layer of noise protection in very windy environments.

MXL Director of Sales and Marketing Perry Goldstein says, “The GOLav™ is really a point-of-view microphone to go with the world’s most popular point-of-view camera. It puts the mic closer to the user’s mouth to improve the audio quality. The GOLav™ lets GoPro™ users record their own commentary and reactions. Imagine giving the play-by-play while biking or skiing. The GOLav™ lets you narrate your adventures.”

The GOLav™ is an omni-directional microphone capable of picking up sound from all sides. For the active GoPro™ user, the omni pattern offers maximum freedom of movement.

The GOLav™ has a generous 5 ft. Mogami cable for sound clarity and durability. Excess cable can easily be coiled around the camera or inside clothing. A clip is included to secure the GOLav™ to clothing.

In addition, MXL is releasing the MM-C003GP Microphone Adapter that allows any microphone with a 3.5mm connector to be used with the GoPro™ Hero3, Hero3+ and Hero4 cameras. All MXL’s Mobile Media microphones will work with the GoPro™ cameras via this adapter. (The GOLav™ requires no adapter.)

The GOLav™ Lavalier Microphone and MM-C003GP Microphone Adapter debut in January 2015. See the GOLav™ and MM-C003GP at NAMM at booth 6690, Hall A.


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