QSC gear installed at Las Vegas bowling venue

South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa on the Las Vegas Strip has completed its new pro bowling facility, featuring an assortment of QSC equipment.

The build was part of a larger project that also includes two new equestrian arenas. South Point chose the Q-Sys audio management system, QSC amplifiers and loudspeakers for their new addition, based on their previous experience with the firm’s products, as well as the ability to integrate all the audio systems.

“This is a fairly large facility and we have a lot of different kinds of events that come through throughout the year,” said Jason Lein, South Point’s production manager. “We needed something with a flexible backbone that would allow us to quickly and easily change room combinations, configure paging and program source material and automatically adjust volume levels as ambient noise level in the venue changes.”

When the resort opened in 2006, South Point selected WideLine speakers and the Basis platform for their main show room. Due to their familiarity with QSC, the production team chose a Q-Sys Core 500i network processor, CX Series amplifiers and AcousticDesign in-ceiling loudspeakers to handle paging and PA.

Completely designed and installed by Lein and the staff at South Point, the new bowling centre and arena expansion system includes a Q-Sys Core 500i with six Q-Sys I/O Frames and over 20 QSC CXD-Q power amplifiers that drive a variety of QSC AcousticPerformance and QSC AcousticDesign loudspeakers.

Like their previous Q-Sys install, Lein cited the ability to create custom user control interfaces (UCIs) that can be deployed on wireless devices as a major benefit. “Whatever the event is our production staff can quickly setup an appropriate audio configuration tailored for the event’s needs and make adjustments from anywhere within the venue,” commented Lein. “This saves us a tremendous amount of time and hassle.”

“When we opened South Point, we started out with QSC just in the main showroom. Today we have deployed QSC products throughout the entire property. From our Casino to the Main Arena, our lounges to this new expansion facility, we can route audio from any source, anywhere throughout the property. Q-Sys and QSC products as a whole have proven themselves to be a very flexible, highly reliable solutions for our property. It doesn’t get any easier or better than this.”

Info: www.qsc.com

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