PAX ProAV Group at ISE 2015

Romano M. Cunsolo; Dir. of Marketing and Business Development WW of Xavtel enthused: “Because we understand that all AV projects, need to fit into the right network infrastructure and we wanted to make this easy and flexible for Consultants and System Integrators! Again, this will be an amazing technology presented by Xavtel, which will for sure change the way of audiovisual integration in future”!

Auto-Setup & Scalable PA/VA System!

…a brand new range, full of features and competitively priced…from as small as 4 zones up to thousands of zones via Digi-link (locally) and/or redundant network (remotely) including an Auto Setup function, BOUTIQUE will be the perfect match, when your scalability and budget needs to fit in tight!

…..come and be inspired by a product range, starting from 4 Zone Master/Slave to 8 Zone Master/Slave units, which has features on board like volume attenuators in the speaker-line; A/B cabling for each Zone; multiple paging stations to connect on one unit; and lots more!

…and BOUTIQUE will be programmed and commissioned as easy as you always dreamed of!

Active Steerable Line Array. The MESSENGER PRO is a re-designed and improved MESSENGER G2, with lots more DSP features, a second input for BGM and a new intuitive software tool. The directivity and clarity of speech is still “best in the industry” some customers commented which already installed the MESSENGER PRO.

TerraManager Intuitive control GUI for TERRACOM, ATEÏS IDA8 and DIVA systems

The newly designed TerraManager offers a large variety of control functions with a totally new designed graphical engine. All TERRACOM Devices, ATEÏS IDA8 and DIVA systems can be monitored, controlled and Paging, Message Recording and Text To Speech (TTS) are only some of the features the TerraManager will offer.

TerraServer  Intuitive GUI for streaming Audio over IP

If you have to be able to stream BGM or pre-recorded Messages over IP, then the TerraServer is the perfect          tool for easy setup, programming and realization! The latest version of the TerraServer will be displayed and shown at ISE2015. It allows easy programming of destinations for streams via LAN or WAN including a time scheduler for each individual Terra device, or even a global scheduler.

Networked DSP Conference System

Shipping since end of 2014 with Release #1, the SENATOR System was a real “Star” on the conference systems and UC&C horizon. It was accepted by the market as the “full conference room solution” because of its industry first and unique “Auto-Mix-Minus” calibration feature, a great sounding, redundant and flexible Audio Network and lots of DSP functions, not found in any other conference system on the market. Introducing Release #2 will offer new Delegate Unit CDM2000, the AEC-Board, which will allow for additional Voting function, AEC/VoIP applications built-in the DCP1000 Master Unit and some more “nice to have” features. Come, hear, see…find out all about SENATOR  Release #2 at a live demo on our booth.

At ISE 2015, Xavtel will launch the first out of three OCTO DSP platforms, the OCTO Sr.

At the same time, several RWD-Devices and the OCTO-Amp will be released, to be able to create Multi Room systems using the OCTO-Link Digital Audio & Control Bus. It allows to send and receive 2 digital audio channels and bi- directional control data plus power on a single CAT5/6 cable of up to 250m of length! This is again a milestone for the system integrators, allowing for fast and easy integration into their projects. The SYSCON-APPs will be also provided from the factory, offering the integrator to get pre-programmed system files, a cable plan and equipment list, so if the project is close to this preprogrammed application or even fits perfectly, then there is nothing more than to order the hardware, download and upload the preprogrammed files, connect and cable the whole system and then just “tweak” the system with EQ or Comp/Limiter and maybe name the various zones and connect the RWD devices. All done and ready to go.

Due to the fact that Xavtel has registered as promoter member with the Avnu Alliance in July 2014, we want to present the industry first real AV DSP platform, streaming a large amount of            Audio and Video channels over a network with extremely low latency! The MIRA AV-Server will be able to mount 2 networking cards to allow the use of both;    AVB(Star-wired) and Xavtel GigaNet(redundant loop) networks simultaneously in a single AV platform!!


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