SGM aids EOCELL with Ostrava’s Christmas tree illumination

Around 4,000 people attended the official illumination, and after a short firework display they watched a 5-minute long light show, programmed by lighting designer Lukáš Kostřiba, and heavily featuring SGM effect, provided by EOCELL Investment s.r.o.

Once again, this company was deeply involved in both the design and supply of the entire architectural and decorative lighting system. The design utilized no fewer than 1344 SGM LB-100 LED Balls — an increase on last year. Each LED Ball utilises RGB colours to give the designer vast creativity, enabling him to develop millions of different colour combinations, under the command of four LED drivers. The entire DMX set-up was programmed in MA Lighting software MA on PC connected to 2portNode.

Everyone enjoyed the evening and joined along with local popular artist, Martin Chodur, in singing Christmas songs and carols.


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