LDI 2014: Interview with Marian Sandberg

Marian Sandberg

Marian Sandberg

Marian Sandberg has, for about ten years, been the Contenent Director and Editor of Live Design Magazine, as well as supervisor of the seminars that take place during LDI. Her job also involves the monitoring of the Live Design portal, and she also prepares material for the website, the printed edition and the new version for tablets, as well as organizing a series of training events during the year.

During a short interview just after the 2014 edition of LDI, Marian gave us an idea of her first impressions and results of an edition full of innovations and new formats such as the focus on the EDM world, seminars dedicated to Live Design and the presentation sessions giving a preview of the days of the fair, where the choice of location had an extremely important role to ensure a successful combination of demand and offer.

ZioGiorgio.it: What can you tell us about LDI 2014? Have you already got some feedback and facts and figures of this edition?

Marian Sandberg: Right now, I still haven’t got the official figures but I’m sure that there were more exhibitors than the past editions. And with this in mind, the organizers are also expecting to see an increase in business with regards to the entertainment industry, also considering the feedback about higher numbers of people at the fair and more visitors at the various hubs. I have seen a different type of energy and positive atmosphere demonstrating the direction that this market is taking with great confidence for 2015.

ZioGiorgio.it: Do you think that the show could include the PRO audio sector?

Marian Sandberg: We are, and have always been interested in each and every aspect of live productions. Live Design Magazine has been organizing master classes for some time now, which take place at the beginning of the summer in New York, and are dedicated to live sound and Electronic Dance. We would therefore like to increase this part of business welcoming companies that produce speakers, processors, amplifiers, consoles and much more.

New technology breakfast

New technology breakfast

ZioGiorgio.it: LDI is a considerable commitment, are you pleased with the work carried out for this event?

Marian Sandberg: LDI is the biggest event organized by Live Design Magazine. It is the result of a tremendous effort that is rewarded when we receive feedback form the exhibitors and, above all, designers, pleased and enthusiastic to see new products or when they are satisfied about the level of the people they meet during LDI.

ZioGiorgio.it: Las Vegas seems to be the ideal location for LDI. How much has this aspect contributed to the success of the event?

Marian Sandberg: For many years LDI took place in Orlando – Florida and at Las Vegas the show has had a significant move forward. This is because Las Vegas is a city full of events and appointments where the entertainment industry is active all year round outside the fair area, in clubs, inside hotels, restaurants and also in the streets with its many architectural installations. Each and every company can take a client outside the fair to show its products during their real-life use, to show how a product works inside a restaurant or in one of the many architectural installations, while meeting the designers who come to Las Vegas for work, and get their feedback, make comparisons, do business and much more. This is an important reason to be proud for many exhibitors who attend LDI.

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