LDI 2014: Day 2

Our first experience at LDI is highly positive. This really well organized event is held in an ideal location (Las Vegas is also a very bright and ‘luminous’ city…) which is perfect to host this type of event. And as the event Conference Director Ellen Lampert-Greaux told us during our short chat on the opening day of the show, there may also be future developments to include the audio sector too.

Going around the pavilions, there is no evidence of the ‘hordes’ of people that we are used to seeing at events such as PL+S, and, on the contrary, everything is a lot more calm, the press has access 90 minutes before the public, confirming what everyone kept telling us: people come to LDI for business. In fact, as we have already pointed out, the organization of light shows at regular intervals during the day at exhibitors’ booths is normal – and highly appreciated, and gives visitors the possibility of finding our much more about the products on show.

And this is how we found out about a series of new and original products such as Sniper 2R from Elation which brings together utility, speed, effectiveness and versatility in a single product, in perfect response to some of the needs of this time and at a price that we were told is quite affordable.

Alongside the shows of the ‘big names’ of the lighting sector, with their high quality show demos or who light up the façades of the most famous casinos of Las Vegas, and which we will be speaking out more in detail in the next few days – you will have guessed by now that we were actually on the lookout for products that are not present on the European market but which are really interesting as far as functionality is concerned.

We were really impressed by the definition and video quality of products from Daktronics, located in Brookings – South Dakota, at their stand with a peculiar red button at the centre that started up an incredibly high quality interactive demo using LED screens 4 mm – 17m x 10m and 6 mm – 4mt x 3mt. Daktronics also introduced two new 2×2 and 3×2 transportable outdoor modules designed to offer higher resistance with reduced weight. This product has a new lightweight case designed specifically to facilitate and speed up set-up.

IMG-20141122-WA0032 IMG-20141122-WA0030

We also came across a stand that reminded us about Pink’s “Truth About Love Tour” in 2013, during which the artist sang while hanging in the air and being transported all over the arena. We are speaking about Zfx Flying Systems, Louisville – KY, which puts together flying effects with creativity and unique choreography. Zfx also has a technical design and production centre for all its equipment, harnesses and tools. Their rigging solutions and easy to use techniques, combined with exceptional artistic integration, provide quality service. In this way Zfx has become a sort of standard of the sector with regards to flying effects in theatre productions, live concerts and company events.

At the stand of French company Ayrton we had the chance to see Intellipix R, presented by the US distributor Morpheus. The results of four years of R&D gave an “ultra intensive” optics, so really large dimensions combined with an exit surface coming from LED 15W RGBW multi-chips, enabling to create a ‘volumetric’ color and surprising graphic effects. The 25 4.5° beams in the 5 x 5 array can be used, connecting more modules, both for the creation of back-wall and 3D floor effects.


But not only lighting fixtures. STAGEMAKER SR is a motor specifically designed for touring and has a series of devices and improvements that make the technicians’ and riggers’ lives a lot easier. With ergonomic design, STAGEMAKER SR is equipped with a double lifting brake, chain brake that functions by means of a magnet that avoids mechanical blockage, retractable handle and rubber protective buffers. There were two versions on show at LDI: SR2 for loads up to 250kg, and SR5 for loads up to 500kg, with three different chain speeds.


Feedback from visitors and exhibitors is really positive, even if the aisles were not excessively crowded. The fair was efficient, productive and useful for the market represented by the exhibitors. The location, Las Vegas, gave LDI an added value: there is no other place in the world where you can see the products on show at the fair and then, going out in the evening, find the same products in the numerous musicals, casinos, live events, lounge bars etc… of this city.

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