Mod Truss, a new way of constructing structures

At LDI 2014, another original idea is that of Mod Truss, a really well known company in the USA which manufactures its own patented particular types of structures, combined with automation systems that both speed up and simplify set-up.

We are speaking about a universal type of construction system created for long-term use, which has almost endless limits in terms of composition. It is made of lightweight aluminium with a pattern of holes – that also make it nice to look at – and for this reason it is ideal for numerous types of applications, even those not closely connected to the show business sector. This particular design brings to mind toys and games of the past such as Meccano, and it is this reference that Mod Truss uses when advertising its systems.

The truss is available in 12′′x12′′ and 6′′x6′′ versions, with lengths of 1′, 2′, 3′, 4′, 5′, 6′, 8 ‘and 10′. The different parts can be assembled together in any configuration using standard bolts and the different components are compatible with traditional trusses. They can be used both for stages as well as for many other uses such as protective cabinets. Mod Truss also supplied the stage that you can see in the Technical Breakfast video that we published yesterday.


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