A potent RCF TT+ system was recently installed in Tokyo’s famous Meijiza Theatre — by the Italian manufacturer’s Japanese partner Electori Co — in order to bring the best out of well known ‘enka’ traditional ballad singer, Yoshimi Tendo.


Originally opened in 1873 to present kabuki and Western stage plays, the 1368-capacity venue has been equipped with four TTL33-A active loudspeakers ground stacked on either side of the stage above floor-mounted TTS36-A subs, positioned on their sides.

This design was in order to raise the height and use the stage width effectively. The decision to stack the TTL33-A on top of the subs resulted from the limited stage depth — and the fact that even pattern control was required for the each tier, right up to the third floor balcony seats.

One of the flagships of the Theatre & Touring series, the TTL33-A is a compact, wide dispersion, 3 way active line array module that offers the highest performance from a small size line array with extreme accuracy.


After four decades in the industry, Ms Tendo’s appeal shows no signs of diminishing as she has been presenting concerts twice a day for the past month — largely to her older fans — without an empty seat in the house.

According to Yoshi Yasui, general manager of Professional Sales Division, Electori Co., Ltd, the TT+ is the perfect medium for reinforcing the traditional enka ballads and everyone from the singer to the bandmaster were united in stating how refreshing and pure these folk ballads, delivered by Tendo’s powerful voice, sounded.

He said, “Despite these songs being traditional ballads the artiste is supported by a powerful rock band style line-up, comprising drums, bass, percussion, two keyboards, two guitars, a five-piece brass section and backing vocals — and this really shows off the characteristics of the RCF system.”

He concludes, “Although it is difficult to connect RCF with the Japanese traditional ballad it forms an excellent match, and is further evidence of the close cooperation that exists between Japan and Italy.

“It has been an excellent promotion for the TT+ system and every day we have been taking customers along to the theatre to experience the performance at first hand.”


Takashi Matsuura, who is in charge of RCF sales in Japan, added his own endorsement. “The event was a huge success; the operator controlled the balance beautifully and the natural and strong sound created by RCF was well received by the audience.

“The artiste also felt great confidence with the performance of RCF during her month-long residency. For this we must thank the operator, Mr. Annen of BE FREE, for providing the opportunity to use RCF TT+ in this project at Meijiza and for assisting with such an effective promotion for RCF in Japan.”

Following the completion of her season at the Meijiza, the artiste moved on to Koda Civic Hall in Aichi-ken.

info: www.rcf.it

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