“Innovation, innovation” at K-array headquarters for the annual GDM

K-array has been forming for 24 years in the Italian village of San Piero a Sieve and each year the K-array family grows bigger and bigger. Every year the team invite guests of old and new from around the world to share their love for pro audio along with traditional Tuscan food and wine.

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For the 3rd Annual GDM event which was themed “Innovation, innovation” there were 26 distributors and representation in just under 100 different countries, that is more than ever before and it is a great testament to the demand for K-array slim array technology.


This year the GDM has arrived at a very important time and behind the doors of the K-array factory, selected distributors were given access to confidential projects and a whopping number of new products that are still in the development stage ready for the global shows next year. In their address to the company’s distributors, forward-looking statements were made by Presidents: Alex Tatini and Massimo Ferrati, underlining the rise of K-array slim array technology and the magnitude of the future for the company.

Tom Riby showcased the remarkable installations and events K-array have been a part of this year along with the record breaking results of the Anakonda KAN200 receiving it’s 3rd Global World this year. Andrea Torelli and Francesco Maffei showcased new tools for the technical and marketing teams including a new website and new exhibition booth at the Global shows. Nicola Pieri had the pleasure to showcase new products including the new Concert Series arriving to the catalog soon.


In addition to the amount of new services and products, this years GDM was elevated to new heights with the launch of the new KH8 and KS8 system newly named the “Firenze” series by Alex Tatini. “This is a product we have been building for 3 years and let me tell you, it is like nothing you have heard before. We have re-invented sound.Marc Vincent from Sennheiser Hong Kong expressed his passion for the system talking about the BETA testing that the KH8 had gone through in China. Demonstrations of the super fast set up and extraordinary sound were also given to the audience. This new series has been positioned in a whole new category to the K-array catalog expressing their desire to go beyond what they have done before.


To honour the exemplary work done in the past year, the dinner award ceremony thanked the following: :

  • Best House of Worship Installation – Solomon Temple (Gobos do Brasil)
  • Best Concert Hall Installation – Shanghai Concert Hall (Sennheiser China)
  • Best Hotel/Restaurant Installation – Pan Pacific (Sennheiser Asia)
  • Best Commercial Installation – The Brian and Barry Building (Exhibo)
  • Best Performing Art Venue Installation – Royal Opera House (Sennheiser UK)
  • Best Live Concert Installation – Osheaga 2014 (Sennheiser Canada)
  • Most Unique installation – Light of Life Church (Soundus)
  • Workshop of the Year – Gobos Do Brasil
  • Most artistic delay installation – Krifa Building (MAVT DK)
  • Most luxurious Installation – CVK Park Bosphorus Hotel (Lotus Technology)
  • Busiest event calendar – (Sennheiser China)
  • Ambassador of the year – Lou Mannarino (L&M Light and Sound NY)


info: www.k-array.com

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