ZioGiorgio at Cinecittà World in Rome for the presentation of Robe’s new BMFL.

The new product from Robe has now been presented to the Italian sector in and the ZioGiorgio team were there to see it of course! First and foremost, we are speaking about a multi-functional moving head featuring high levels of luminosity and speed, but let’s see what happened when the product was put on show!

We went to Rome, to Cinecittà World, the biggest theme park in Italy dedicated to cinema, where a well-organized demo was set up by the distributor RM Multimedia, who invited many Italian lighting designers and rental companies to see the new BMFL for themselves, and also speak to Robe’s Key Account Manager Ingo Dombrowski.

BMFL is the result of three years of research and development and is a multi-functional product with a HTI 1700W-1500W/60/P28 Lok-it lamp created especially for Robe by Osram, able to function at 1700, 1500 and 1200W by means of a special DMX channel. It is the first of a series that will soon include profile and washbeam versions.

Robe did not give any specific indications with regards to the meaning of the name BMFL, leading to several ideas such as the official “Bright Multi Functional Luminaire”, up to the more immaginative “Better Method For Lighting”, “Be My Favourite Light”, “Best Mate For Live”, “Big M…or F…er Light” etc…


The projector can emit 250,000 lux at 5m and 2,500 lux at 50m with a 160mm frontal lens. The optical system, made up of a dichroic glass reflector iwith 13 lenses in 3 moveable mechanisms, provides the highest precision optical zoom at a ratio of 11:1 and a range of from 5° to 55° in 1 second.

BMFL can create both intense and saturated colors, as well as light and pastel shades, using a color wheel or by means of mixing that takes place uniformly and linearly, and with a CTO variabile from 2.700K to 6000K, as well as CRI (color rendering index) of 92. There is also optimum light intensity ratio between the centre and the edges of the beam with maximum zoom. We noticed a cone with minimum loss of intensity between the centre and the edges, with a ratio of about 1:2, as Ingo Dombrowski specified.

The two rotating gobo wheels have a total of 12 gobos chosen by LDs contacted by Robe during the development phases, and are continuously focussed on the entire projection area. With regards to the prisma, Robe has maintained the two circular and linear types with 6 facets that enable to create aerial effects, also those with considerable spread, almost maintaining the intensity of a beam.
The variable frost is created by means of distinct filters, so as to obtain an even softer diffusion of the light and a continuous and homogeneous changeover of effect.


BMFL gobo effects

The double graphic wheel, already part of the MMX Spot, has also been maintained, which is able to create highly original types of animation and effects, above all when combined and overlapped with the rotating gobo wheels, in turn acting on the focus. The iris is really fast, able to emit 3 pulses a second, while the dimmer responds perfectly, obtaining a gradual effect, such as the one created by tungsten lamps, going from darkness to maximum power output linearly and without distorsion. The mechanical and electronic strobe can reach a frequency of 10Hz, also with random effect.

Together with RM Multimedia staff, we compared the beam of the BMFL (minimum zoom and iris) with the Pointe, noting a clear resemblance both in terms of opening and of light intensity, giving even more sense to the term “Multi Functional”.


Comparison between BMFL and Pointe

Another important feature that attracted our attention, despite the large size of the moving head, is its completely smooth and fluid movement, both in acceleration and deceleration, as well as the presence of a particular Robe patented system called EMS, which reduces the swinging of the moving head caused by movement of the structure and support, enabling the image to stay in the exact position in which it is placed. The weight of “only” 36Kg is acceptable thanks to the number of features of the BMFL, and is, in fact, light, if we consider that it is a 1700W.

Walter Lutzu
ZioGiorgio team

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