Ampco Flashlight invests in CycFX

Leading Dutch technical solutions provider Ampco Flashlight Rental has made another major investment in Robe products with the purchase of 55 x CycFX 8 fixtures, which were delivered by Robe’s Benelux distributor, Controllux.

Marco de Koff, Ampco Flashlight’s Operations Manager explains how they were impressed by the functionality of the CycFX 8 and the fact that the fixtures are “Unique and versatile” and therefore would be ideal to have in their rental stock.

Already several of their clients and various lighting designers are enthusiastically embracing the CycFX 8, and in fact so far, the units have yet to be spotted in the Utrecht based company’s warehouse as they have gone from one job to the other in a virtually unbroken sequence.

De Koff likes the zoom feature of the CycFX 8 and the fact that they can be used for cyc and set lighting as well as for big sweeping effects across stages or into audiences. He believes the product “Has all the necessary hallmarks” to become a classic product, that it will have a good longevity and be very popular for television.

“It is sleek and good looking and a well-designed product in its own right,” he comments, “Which is important as a lot of people are already using them in downstage positions so they are clearly in view.

“Robe are bringing some excellent products to the market at exactly the right time,” he adds and Flashlight has been keeping a close eye on these developments over the last two years.

This purchase represents Ampco Flashlight’s second major investment in Robe products in less than a year, following up the purchase of 100 Pointes and 80 x LEDWash 300s, reinforcing the company’s multi brand strategy with Robe as one of the highlights.

The CycFX 8 offers some of the cool features and performance of the award winning LEDWash luminaires in a 1000 mm moving linear strip.

Each fixture has an array of individually controlled 15W RGBW LED modules equally spaced along the strip with fully adjustable zoom between 8 and 67 degrees. The CycFX strip itself has a very fast 270 degree tilt movement which can be precision indexed or programmed to produce dramatic rapid sweeping movements.

Pre-programmed colour macros and pixel control makes it quick and easy to programme and tungsten lamp emulation and fade effects at 2700 K and 3200 K are included with wireless CRMX available as an option.

LD Henk-Jan van Beek from Light-H-Art used Flashlight’s CycFX for the 2014 annual Liberation Day (World War 2) commemorations in Amsterdam, which featured a televised outdoor symphony concert staged on the Magere Brug (Skinny Bridge) over the Amstel in front of the Royal Theater Carré. This was attended by the Dutch Royal Family, various MPs and other dignitaries plus several thousand members of the public.

He was so impressed that he also specified them for the 2014 ‘Toppers In Concert’ shows in Amsterdam Arena.


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