David Guetta’s New Live Show Launched with BMFLs

The launch of David Guetta’s amazing new live show at the 2014 Global Gathering EDM extravaganza in the UK was another major event at which Robe’s new BMFL moving lights were used during the summer.

Guetta’s Lighting Designer Jonathan ‘Leggy’ Armstrong jumped at the chance to weave them into his lightshow, which also included over 100 other Robe fixtures.
8a1965fb15 720Eight BMFLs were delivered to the Long Marston site near Stratford on Avon – via HSL, the events’ main lighting vendor – and positioned four a side on the PA wings. This enabled them to bring searingly bright dramatic low-level audience effects to the party as well as intense tight beam looks firing across the stage.
e49af36775 720With a bunch of MMX Spots already on the rig as their profiles, the BMFLs were used to expand the rig out onto the wing space, making the whole performance area in The Hangar  – a Kayam tented arena – look and feel even larger than it already was.

Leggy’s first impressions of the BMFLs were “BRIGHT!
372072271a 720He also quickly noticed the speed of the zoom and focus. “Really zippy” he enthuses, adding, “And the gobos stayed in focus all the way down to a narrow spot.”

“The fixture was still bright as a wide zoom, and when irised down, it produced such a nice tight beam and still extremely bright. The pan and tilt were also surprisingly fast and agile for a big fixture and, as always with Robe, there was a good selection of gobos ideal for creating dynamic and different aerial effects”.
f0073475feLeggy has always been a big fan of the ColorSpot 2500E AT which was Robe’s ‘first generation’ of high powered moving lights, so the BMFLs – a ‘next generation’ product in every sense of the word – is something of huge interest.

“As Robe has become a major industry player over the last decade, the company has shown an ability to refine and improve with each genre of fixture. The BMFL now fills a gap at the large end of the spectrum, so every scale of show – from massive to miniscule – can now be lit with Robe units” he concluded.
29ce1c588eWith only limited programming time available at Global Gathering to integrate the BMFLs into his wider show, Leggy is really looking forward to using them again soon on this and his various other projects.

Info: www.robe.cz

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