Colors as tempting as never before: HCL spots from Futurelight and Eurolite

Deep orange, bright pink, demonstrative aquamarine – until now it has always been difficult to mix these colors with LED spots. With HCL (hexacolor) spots from Futurelight and Eurolite, color mixtures can now be created, meeting even the highest requirements. The secret: 6-in-1-LEDs with improved technology.

Red, green, blue, amber, white and UV: The color mixture is composed of these six colors. Due to improved technology, not only the amber LEDs shine brighter, thanks to the integration of UV in the 6-in-1-LEDs, before unimaginable colors and effects can be created. Surface structures are more clearly visible, some colors also generate an extraordinary glitter effect.
At the moment, there are three kinds of spots equipped with HCL LEDs: The Pro Slim Par-7 and-12 from Futurelight are washers with 10 Watts per LED and cooling ribs instead of a fan – so they are completely silent during operstion. Just as silent is the POS-8 LED HCL Powerstick from Futurelight, which can be used in a very space-saving way thanks to its long and slender shape.

The third spot type with HCLs is the Zeitgeist Spot-180 from Eurolite. The device with 10 Watts per LED and the dimensions of a powerful ML spot illuminates a big surface with one illuminant – because of its sheer size. Thanks to latest technology, the internal fan is inaudible from a distance of 1 meter.

Tempting colors and extremely quiet operation – two qualities that make the spots perfect equipment for theaters and TV productions.

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