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A 54-story masterpiece in architectural design, the JW Marriott L.A. Live features the most efficient meeting space in Downtown L.A. and serves as the L.A. Convention Center’s headquarters hotel and meeting facility. It shares space with The Ritz-Carlton Los Angeles and The Ritz-Carlton Residences. Starting on the 27th floor and rising up to the 52nd floor, they stand boldly as an icon above the bright lights of Los Angeles, offering breathtaking views, world-class amenities and legendary service, the main tower adds a significant bookend to the southern end of downtown Los Angeles dramatically re-shaping its skyline

Last but not least, the Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC) hosts major annual events, expos, television shows and movie shoots and has been the first U.S. convention center and first L.A. City building of its age and size to be awarded the highly sought after Green Building Council certification.

After years of running the traditional rotating 4 head searchlight fixtures, AEG’s Paul Flanagan, Director of Engineering wanted to come up with something more dramatic but a lot less maintenance. He called upon industry veteran Brian Konechny (now at Solotech) to help. “Instead of just more of the same, we wanted to make sure we got a “wow factor” with this install,” said Brian. The GRIVEN unit has less moving parts than typical fixtures, so reliability is great and with being able to program synchronized patterns via DMX, make the lights even more dramatic,” he added. GRIVEN stepped up and made some custom modifications that made the installation and control straight forward. All of the fixtures are controlled and programmed on an Interactive Technologies Cue Server and through a selection of Pathway DMX nodes.

After the recent implementation of this lighting system, the L.A. LIVE district now looks as if wrapped up in a geometric pattern of glittering, powerful beams of light reflecting, in a skyward-pointing sparkling mesh of light, the inventive, forward-looking design that has always been the foundation of L.A.’s reputation as a center for cutting-edge architecture and illumination.

Specified and supplied by Solotech, an international supplier and integrator for all aspects of entertainment equipment for both rentals and sales, the 40 units of the GRIVEN narrow single beam searchlight IMPERIAL in custom white finish, located either on the roofs or at the base of all the buildings that form the L.A. LIVE district, every night precisely sweep their powerful white rays through the sky of Downtown L.A. attracting the attention and wows of thousands of tourists and residents. Their high reflectivity optics and precision focus setting ensure a superbly bright, perfect light beam visible at distances of kilometers. Inbuilt standalone pre-set sequences, on-board pan, tilt and speed control as well as lamp ON/OFF and ventilation management can be achieved via a 4 channels of standard DMX512 digital control system. Used in advertising, fairs, festivals, concerts and other public events or to highlight permanent installations, monuments and city landmarks, IMPERIAL is a performer at outdoor live events, a star at evening celebrations capable of turning any night event into a memorable, breathtaking show.

Products specified:
40 x GR0035 Imperial 4000 custom



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