Equipson And Yamaha Focus WORKproCA Product Distribution On Scandinavia

Since 2010, Equipson and Yamaha Europe have been cooperating on a range of products under the WORKproCA brand, manufactured by Equipson and exclusively distributed by Yamaha across Europe.

Today both companies have announced that this arrangement has been modified to focus the distribution of WORKproCA products on the Scandinavian markets of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland. From September 1st, the distribution of Equipson products will be managed directly by Equipson in all other European markets.

“We have enjoyed great cooperation for over three years and I believe both companies have mutually benefited throughout this period”, says Juan Jose Vila, V.P. Marketing at Equipson S.A. “In the meantime, Equipson and Yamaha’s installation products have positively evolved to a level where Equipson needs to continue developing the international market by being distributed separately. This has required the modification of our agreement while, at the same time, WORKproCA products will be still distributed by Yamaha Music Scandinavia, he adds.

Info: www.equipson.es

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