Technology Secrets Revealed with K-Academy

Recently, Sennheiser Asia asked Daniel to visit their HQ and debut the evolving K-academy program to their clients.

Daniel Stasserra commented: “The training program is always developing, especially when new products have been released and new users are introduced to K-array.

“We understand how busy our users are, so we have made the program mobile, easy to follow and hands on.

“We visit our clients all over the world to reveal the best ways to use K-array, it’s all part of the service and it’s also a great opportunity to catch up on the latest events, installations and other topics.”

Anthony Noel from Big A Productions, who has recently become a new user of K-array at some exciting events in Asia this year, including the Red Bull Air Show, attended the K-academy.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity for my team and I to meet the guys from K-array directly,” he said.

“We were curious to see what we could achieve from the speakers we are already using and other secrets that would help us for future events or installations.“

Talking about the training content, Daniel said: “The K-academy program is hands on from the start, it allows the users to get closer to the speakers and understand the real mechanics of the technology, this is essential to understanding what you can do with it.

“Then we begin to reveal the hidden tricks to achieving an optimum performance in a variety of environments and set ups, this is when we start to see the K-face moments, it’s priceless.”

The K-academy has proven to be an effective service for users to develop their knowledge and skills of the K-array technology improve and adapt.

It has also been a powerful direct forum to develop and evolve our knowledge of the fast paced audio industry together.

Product Specialist Francesco Maffei commented: “There are so many workshops and trainings we could create because there is so much to cover but we have always made it relevant to the needs of the audience.

“It’s a service that is available to our customers and an opportunity to work together to change sound for the better.”

“The training was great, my team have been instilled with a new confidence, especially now they know some techniques to create the ‘K-face’ moments. I can’t wait to get started again,” concluded Anthony Noel Yap of Big A Productions.


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