Sound meets design: Omnitronic SHP-i3

With the new SHP-i3, Omnitronic presents headphones, which not only impress with technical features, but also with optics. According to the motto “Listen & Talk”, the SHP-i3 has been equipped with features for smartphones and also serves as a headset.
The closed dynamic headphones offer a powerful, bass-driven sound thanks to the 40 mm speaker and guarantee optimal comfort while wearing due to the well cushioned, adjustable headband and a weight of only 270 grams. The classy black design is further distinguished by glass inserts on the outside of the earcups and color accents on the headband as well as on the inside of the earcups.
Smartphone users will be happy about the integrated hands-free and music skipping functions, which make the SHP-i3 a perfect lifestyle accessory. Playing music and taking telephone calls can easily be switched by a one-button control.
For minimal space requirements, the earcups are collapsible and 180° rotatable. The textile-braided connection cable is detachable, the stereo jack is gold-plated.
With a price of only 36 €, the SHP-i3 offers an excellent value for money. The SHP-i3 is available as of now in the three colors black, pink and green.


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