K-array at the heart of the future for pro-audio in Brazil

In the heart of São Paulo, just before the World Cup party arrives, is another important International event at the EXPO Center Norte, AES Brazil EXPO. It is one of the largest shows in South America for Pro-Audio professionals, attracting some of the greatest representatives of lighting, sound and video from around the world. Together with Brazilian distributor Gobos do Brasil, K-array systems showcased their award winning and innovative products as well as their ideologies to an audience of PA engineers, recording and mixing producers, artists, facility specialists and musicians.

K-array at the heart of the future for pro-audio in Brazil 2

K-array is heavily involved with the future of the audio market in Brazil especially with two major events on the way. Esteban Risso from Gobos do Brasil commented “K-array is actually a very well know brand in Brazil, with a superb reputation within the professional audio market. The most important installations and events in the past, present and future all use K-array.

K-array at the heart of the future for pro-audio in Brazil 3During the exhibition we had a great opportunity to meet our customers and discuss their success stories with the technology, it showed us there is a lot of confidence with K-array, it is cost effective due to the lightweight and slim designs, they are easy to transport and take little time to install delivering a quality sound. This combination helps solve many of the challenging briefs we are given.” At the show, K-array and Gobos do Brasil put together a series of workshops and seminars concerning the technology as well as demonstrating outside the arena the Pythons KP102 with KMT21P which received great feedback attracting over 300 “K-faces” all asking how we achieved such quality sound in such a small and thin device.

AES Brazil EXPO is a really focused show, boutique in size, it gave us a great opportunity to discuss our audio technology and solutions without feeling we were wasting our time. I hope to return to Brazil again soon and see where K-array can develop further in this evolving market.

Info: www.k-array.com/en/

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