Dancing with d&b to the dashboard of delight

Nestling in Gongti Xilu amidst the highest concentration of night clubs in Beijing, the Live in Vac club or LIV club as it’s known to the chic Beijing cognoscenti, is a high class establishment that manages without fanfare to differentiate itself from the pump and grind of its neighbours. At three and a half thousand square metres this is no small investment; décor, technology, beverages and bar snacks, rest rooms and VIP areas; all receive the closest attention.

Mr Lou Jun of Guangzhou Yodoo Audio Equipment Technology Co, Ltd was in many ways very flattered to be asked to design the audio installation at the LIV, and while he didn’t pull up outside in a midnight black Bentley Continental like so many of the LIV Club’s guests, he did bring with him something he describes as “The audio equivalent. A system of such refined pedigree and performance that clubbers will not notice just how powerful the experience is, until the DJ steps on the gas.”

The subject of Mr Lou Jun’s admiration is founded on a gamut of components from the d&b audiotechnik range of loudspeaker systems. “I was very fortunate, the LIV club owners had already identified d&b as the brand with which they most wanted their club to be associated. They told me ‘We are confident you will be able to do a great job’.”

The club is a former bowling alley, the ceiling is relatively low at nine metres, but the whole space is open single span without pillars. “My brief was to provide three discrete but integrated sound zones,” continued Mr Jun, “Dance floor, VIP areas and main house system. The dance floor was easy: flown Q1 and Q-SUB combination in each corner provided energy from above, while still being small enough to be concealed within the lighting technology. Physical presence was added at body level from a set of B2-SUBs on the floor. Although the high, mid and low / mid is well confined to the dance floor, the extreme low end of the B2s inevitably excites the whole room. We have been able to capitalise on this in the other areas, concentrating on delivering musical fidelity through carefully placed Ci7-TOPs and subtly warming up the low end with matching Ci7-SUBs. The point source Ci7-TOP provides a very well defined seventy five by forty degree constant directivity down to 600 Hz, allowing us to beam precisely into the other zones, while the warm tones of the Ci7-SUB’s single eighteen inch driver beautifully compliment the B2 above 44 Hz. I like to think of the C-Series loudspeakers as the walnut dashboard and leather upholstery of the club. When you sit within its embrace why would you want to be anywhere else?”

Mr Jun’s design also included d&b MAX wedge monitors for the DJs, and the entire system is driven by d&b D12 amplifiers networked and zoned using the R1 remote control software. “It’s marvellous,” commented the owners, “the d&b sound reinforcement system gives transparent fidelity every night. It is a big part of the gorgeous atmosphere we strive to create at LIV. Everyone who comes enjoys their night life at LIV.”

Info: www.dbaudio.com

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