Transforming One of Jakartas Top Clubs to LED

LEDsCONTROL would take on the task to transform the club and propel it to the forefront of lighting design to find its very own spot among other well-known venues around the world.

Jakarta 1b

Under the lead of Rebeca Sánchez Pastor and Miquel Clot, a spacious arena that spans over 1,000m2 with an astonishingly high ceiling of 16m had to be lit up in completely new ways.

Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia, Southeast Asia’s largest city, and a thriving metropolis with a lively nightlife. It is also home to Colosseum Club and many other venues that strive for the attention of a population of over 10 million. Against this background, the ambitious team of 1001 knew that the club had to stand out. The goal was to introduce a sound and lighting design that matches the club’s unique and truly colossal scale.

After shipping the majority of equipment, the team worked three weeks to get it all set up. The team involved two riggers, two LED technicians, one moving light operator,
and the two project leads. More of 2,500m DMX cables were installed and more than 450 XLR adapters used. Four people were tied up with soldering for two full days. Supported by four Antari haze machines and a Universal Effects CO2 system, various Clay Paky, GLP, and FUTURELIGHT moving heads and lasers provide the right atmosphere. But LEDsCONTROL are renowned for the lighting medium that is part of their company name: A magnificent LED chandelier now takes the lighting design to the next level.

Jakarta 2a
The impressive scope starts with the rigging setup. Three Pro-Truss 400mm circles of 14.40m, 7.50m, and 6m make up the structural base. On top of that, it is built as a kinetic array. 16 hoist chain motors of 500kg are used to move the systems. While the outer circle is connected to the mid circle with the help of a metal mesh, the inner circle can be hoisted independently.

The structure holds 850 double-sided LED tubes; each with a length of 2m. This requires a control system for around 90,000 separate DMX channels (which equals 176 DMX universes). It includes one MADRIX ultimate software controller and 22 MADRIX LUNA hardware Art-Net controllers. This is the system that brings the installation to life with extraordinary lighting patterns and the one-of-a-kind 3D effects. Together, the kinetic array and the exceptional LED lighting design with its individual MADRIX effects, create a visually stunning experience that towers over the club arena.

Colosseum Club also makes sure to provide exclusive entertainment with its balcony views of the stage where high-profile music performances, DJs, bands, and artistic circus artists regularly take the center stage.

Team 1001 and LEDsCONTROL worked together to fulfill what the name–Colosseum Club–boldly expresses: to come up with a grand scheme for a venue that provides a colossal entertainment experience in every possible way.

LEDs and Control

• 1 MADRIX ultimate
• 850 2m double-sided LED Tubes
• 45 PS 5V 380W
Lights and FX effects
• 1 Avolites Tiger Touch Pro + Fader Wing
• 6 DMX Splitters
• 1 Pangolin Quickshow / Update Beyond
• 2 Akai Professional APC40 MIDI
• 12 Clay Paky Sharpy
• 8 Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE 700
• 16 GLP impression X4
• 8 Martin Professional Atomic 3000 DMX
• 6 Laser 3W RGB Piccolo
• 2 Laser 7W RGB
• 4 Antari HZ-400 Haze Machines
• 1 Universal Effects Megatron CO2 System


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