RCF delivers Pope Francis’ Convocation to more than 50.000

Pope Francis’ address to the 37th National Convocation of the “Renewal of the Spirit” at Rome’s Olympic Stadium recently, was clearly received by the gathering of over 50,000 people who thronged to Rome’s Olympic Stadium — thanks to RCF loudspeakers.


After walking a short distance across the field, the Pope arrived at the stage where the previous night Italian rock star Luciano Ligabue had delivered a major concert. The audio system used on this occasion was made up of four of RCF’s flagship TTL55-A Touring & Theatre line arrays, comprising 84 elements in total. This was not the first time an RCF system has been used to amplify an event of this kind: in 2012 the company provided the audio system for the official and historical visit of Pope Ratzinger to Cuba, an event followed by millions of people all around the world.


Now, two years on, RCF has again amplified the voice of the Holy Father — this time in Rome’s famous stadium, with a  sound reinforcement system detailed for a rock concert. But who better than Pope Francis, deserved such a premium venue and sound system to broadcast his message (since the faithful greet him with the same adulation as they do a genuine rock star. Getting as close to the people as possible and delivering the voice of the church is what Pope Francis constantly strives for with his communication.
…and 800,000W of RCF power certainly helped in that endeavor.

info: www.rcf.it

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