Green Hippo Fever Spreads Across Southern Africa

Knowledge is power, and as the pool of Hippo knowledge grows so does the demand for servers.

Video walls and video projection are fast becoming the norm in productions, live shows and TV broadcasts; thus the need for a professional, reliable, and real-time media server for content playback and manipulation is rapidly on the increase. Large and small stages, and complicated and simple set-ups, can benefit greatly from the Hippotizer media servers’ flexibility, functionality and ease-of-use. Furthermore, the Hippo range is vast and offers different hardware capabilities on the same software platform, which means there is a server for every budget and application.

The first orders for Green Hippo Professional media servers were placed just after the training school, and in just three months six Hippos have found new homes.

The primary application of the Hippos is in the live eventing industry, but one of the key focus areas for Electrosonic SA is to grow into new markets, such as Architectural Projection. Architectural and environmental video-mapping have become increasingly popular over the past few years with many high profile events incorporating stunning projection-mapping projects. Hippotizer boasts a host of components that enable designers to come up with the most intricate mapping projects. By using the Mask, Warp and Keystone features the projection can be perfectly aligned, while unrestricted DMX universes allow for the most elaborate LED designs.

Happy Hippo customers include:

Staal van der Berg – Visual Audio Productions
Christopher Bolton – Keystone Productions
Durban Christian Centre
Clint Stevenson – Wired Media
Vimal Rawjee – Insane Sounds
Johan Louw – Jaylo Productions
Wilhelm Disbergen – Yello Bunny Productions

Electrosonic SA is delighted with the response and success we have had with Green Hippo, and we would like to thank all our clients for their continued support.


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