ArKaos PRO Releases MediaMaster 4.0

ArKaos PRO has acted upon feedback from its users to produce its latest and ever-more powerful version of this favourite media server software.

MediaMaster 4.0 has a wealth of new features yet remains fast and easy-to-use.


Here are just some of the new features:

•    New licensing system with online activation and deactivation for greater flexibility
•    Optional License Dongle with unique hot swapping ability
•    New extended fixture profile with over 70 parameters per layer
•    DMX controllable cropping features
•    New Video Mapper with grouping
•    New Hue / Saturation / Lightness control
•    Per layer Aspect Ratio control
•    Start Point playback control
•    Per layer volume and pan control
•    Pause function
•    New display of media time and duration in Fixture mode
•    Redesigned interface

New licensing system
A completely redesigned licensing system gives users the flexibility to activate and deactivate their product remotely from their own account so MediaMaster 4.0 can be moved from one machine to another. This can be done either through the website or directly in the application by entering an activation code.

It is also possible to register the product on and download a serial key (.aks) for a computer or media server that is not connected to the internet.
A new optional license dongle allows the instant activation of any prepared machine or even enables live switching to another machine during a show with ArKaos PRO’s unique hot swapping feature. The software reacts instantly when the license dongle is plugged in to change from demo mode to activated mode.

Video Mapper
ArKaos PRO’s new Video Mapper is more powerful than ever before and gives all flexibility to map multiple output surfaces from MediaMaster to standalone displays, draft displays and group of displays – all in the same application and all in the ArKaos style: Fast, Easy and Powerful.  Also the new advanced cropping makes life more flexible and opens a lot of new doors for creative projects!

For more details on the new licencing system, read ArKaos PRO’s Blog Article: New licensing system in MediaMaster 4.0 here:
MediaMaster 4.0 can be uploaded free-of-charge by existing licencees of MediaMaster 3.0, or purchased at a special rates by users of previous software versions. See the ArKaos PRO website for details
For more information on ArKaos PRO’s range of professional level software and media servers visit


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