314 SGM P-5 Illuminate Salvatore Ferragamo Fashion Show

The Salvatore Ferragamo Fashion Show during Milan Fashion Week took place recently under no fewer than 314 SGM P-5 wash lights. This created the perfect illumination for women’s coming autumn and winter collection 2014-2015 with designer attention given to the architectural construction of the clothing.

Ferragamo 1

The Italian design company chose for its location Palazzo della Borsa, the “Stock Exchange Palace” from the 20th century, which proved a beautiful setting. Lighting Designer G. Paolo Bruzzese from Newlight Srl had his heart set on the P-5 from the beginning as he has deployed the unit previously to great satisfaction for events such as the Milan Furniture Fair (Salone Internazionale del Mobile) and Asus exhibition.

Ferragamo 2

“The show needed to have a vast homogeneous illumination”, comments Bruzzese who tested the P-5 to verify that it could provide just that. “The P-5 gave us that big bang of light with diffused reflection that we wanted.”

Bruzzese FerragamoAround 600 industry visitors came to see the show, which was also recorded and broadcast on Fashion TV (FTV), other fashion channels and to Ferragamo’s own showroom. Besides taking into consideration a lighting design that was suitable for television, Bruzzese also had to focus on light for the audience entrance as well as the correct white quality light for the catwalk and display of the fashion clothing while at the same time conveying the emotion desired by the fashion designer… all with only a few minutes to prepare for the show.

For this purpose, the 314 P-5 wash lights were truss mounted from the ceiling. Each unit has 44 RGBW 10W LEDs, creating the perfect flicker-free colour output. “I love the power, the uniformity of light and the small compact size of the fixture,” states Bruzzese, who has many more projects in mind for the P-5 including the Telecom convention, a Chopard Jewelry party and an Expo Gate dinner party.

info: www.sgmlight.com

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