RCF HDL 15-AS: Shipping Now

RCF HDL15-AS is a compact, flyable high power subwoofer, designed to integrate seemlessly into a HDL 10-A flown array.
The bass reflex design guarantees a deep, linear power response while the 3.5” voice coil vented design woofer offers the minimum of power compression. The system provides integrated mechanics compatible with the HDL 10-A array module.


Main Features

  • 2000 Watt
  • 133 dB max SPL
  • 40 Hz 140 Hz frequency response
  • 15” Woofer, 3.5” v.c.
  • DSP controlled Input section with selectable presets
  • Tour grade safe and solid variable mechanics
  • Baltic birch tour grade cabinet
  • Designed to compliment the HDL 10-A speaker system

Flexible Mountings

  • Multiple subs stacking option
  • M20 center mounting insert
  • Flybar stack mounting
  • Compatible with HDL10-A

Strong Mechanics

  • Powder coated heavy duty steel
  • Single center rear rigging point
  • Up to 8 flying modules
  •  Compatible with HDL10-A

HDL15-AS Input Board

The amplifier input board features:

  • XLR signal input
  • XLR signal link
  • Signal power and limiter LEDs
  • 4 Xover settings
  • Phase switch
  • Xover output

info: www.rcf.it

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