d&b audiotechnik Says Cheese at Alkmaar

Who doesn’t have a soft spot for cheese? In the Noord Holland city of Alkmaar it’s more than just a favourite food, it’s the driving force behind the local economy. That’s not to say that the whole of the Netherlands isn’t keen on the creamy yellow rounds but as one of the oldest cheese markets in the country, Alkmaar is especially proud of its heritage. Thousands of visitors descend on the Waagplein (Weighing Square) to take in the delights of the four hundred year old market, held every Friday morning during the summer months. Exactly the right spot for a venue offering all
day food and night time club entertainment to establish itself. A decision as sharp, in fact, as a really ripe wedge of aged Gouda.

On the western side of the ancient square is Mojo’s, boasting a vintage façade that has not altered in decades but hiding a modern interior of glass and steel within: think of a traditional Dutch Leyden cheese secreting spicy cumin seeds inside. After hearing a d&b audiotechnik Q-Series system in a local club where he was particularly struck by the directional accuracy of the loudspeakers as well as the quality of sound, new owner Alex op den Weegh opted to use d&b audiotechnik loudspeakers from the White range for Mojo’s sound reinforcement system and, through Netherland d&b distributors Audiopro, turned to local company Taverne Productions to make the installation.

“Keeping the sound within designated areas of Mojo’s was one of my primary concerns,” says Weegh, “The venue is spread over two floors. There’s a tight little bar downstairs which is very intimate; here we installed Qi7s and Qi-SUBS, the installation version from the Q-Series driven by D12 amplification, whereas in the big open kitchen upstairs where the buzz and the gorgeous aromas created by our chefs makes for a completely different atmosphere, we went for lots of little 4S speakers with 12S-SUB subwoofers from the xS-Series. More 4S loudspeakers were used in the Lounge area and the DJs use 8Ss for monitors when the club is working as a live music venue. We have invested heavily in mood lighting so that each customer in the one hundred and thirty seats can have the dining or entertainment experience they want. It seems logical for us to do the same for their audio needs, which is why we believe we have the best sound in Alkmaar.”

So, with a bar and dining area as different as a sweet, nutty Leerdammer and the famously pungent Limburger, how has Mojo’s managed to achieve being all things to all customers? Weegh explains, “Visually, the loudspeakers fit beautifully with the glass, wood and steel interior but more importantly, the sound design has enabled us to control and create different moods throughout the club. By using a BSS Soundweb processor it is possible for the floor manager to adjust the sound pressure level and coloration to the specific needs of the moment. There are small remote
control panels behind every bar in the venue for local control. So, for example, a customer can enjoy his dessert in the restaurant without being affected by the DJ really rocking it downstairs. The clever design also considered all those hard reflective surfaces so they don’t interfere with the warmth or the level of the sound.”

With a subtitle of Mojo’s Eatertainment the venue has a running programme of DJ entertainment four days a week with live music performances on a Sunday. Just like the cheeses on offer out on the Waagplein there is something to suit every taste. “It is impossible to put Mojo’s into a single category,” remarks Weegh, “Here you can eat, drink, lounge, chat, dance and listen or do it all at once if you want. There is always something new and fresh on offer, both on the plate and in the way of entertainment. The d&b audiotechnik installation guarantees that our customers are getting the best possible experience in entertainment along with the best possible quality in dining. The whole package makes Mojo’s what it is: warm, inviting and able to offer something to satisfy all

A bit like describing a good cheese perhaps?

info: www.dbaudio.com

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