Poland – TARGI KIELCE: towering above the rest

Recently further enlarged, Targi Kielce Trade Fairs Congress Center is an innovative, multifunctional venue capable of accommodating many different events, from congresses and conferences to trade fairs and exhibitions. Besides conventions, seminars, workshops and training courses with different attendance capacity, Targi Congress Center is also prepared to host larger cultural events, such as concerts, musical happenings or theatre performances due to its inborn versatility. The focal point of the newly built area, which includes also five conference rooms, is a 57m high observation tower which has already become the flagship of this modern complex.

Hosting a conference and banquet hall, the tower of Targi complex is almost all clad with window panes supported by metal frames, that unveil its inside structure in a pleasant way. Located at 33m above the ground, it also features a panoramic terrace on the upper level, which sticks out the tower body shaping an asymmetrical and top-heavy architectural profile. The Congress Center’s most attractive element is clearly recognizable especially at night, owing to its brand new LED lighting system, that makes it visible within a 20 kilometer range. Every night the tower is beautifully lit up in white and red, official colours of the Kielce Center, as well as of the Polish flag.
Following the official briefing, the lighting design concept of the tower had to stick to the typical colours of Kielce Congress Center and had to be developed in accordance with the local illumination guidelines. The red ball on the top of the roof, symbol of the Polish complex, had to emphasized in order to be visible at a distance by night. The architectural outline of the tower and its distinctive features had to be fully lit up taking advantage of the transparence of its glass structure. Moreover, a strong reduction of operating costs and maintenance service were strongly recommended by the complex general management.

The appointed lighting designers of the Polish company PROLIGHT Sp. z.o.o. have strongly recommended the use of GRIVEN LED lighting fixtures in order to comply with all the demanding technical requirements of the project. The dominant colours, red and white, have been used to create a pleasant shade turnover enhancing alternatively the distinctive features of the tower. Now the transparent parts of the tower shine in red, while the concrete parts have been lit up in white. 17 units of JADE 9 Easy Edition in red have been positioned inside the tower at different levels; 7 units of the recessed fixture DUNE MK2, in red light and narrow optics, have been installed at the base of the glass windowed sides of the tower, while 4 units of DUNE MK2 in cold white colour temperature with narrow optics have been located at the entrance of the tower along with 3 units of ZAPHIR cold white with elliptical optics. 2 units of DIAMOND in cold white with narrow optics illuminate the red ball on the roof.

JADE 9 is a newly engineered rounded spotlight which houses nine high power RGB LEDs, as well as in-built electronics and power supply unit. Providing a vibrant and brilliant colour palette from such a compact chassis, JADE 9 RGB features functional efficiency whereas spectacularly dynamic lighting performance is assured by digital control of all functions, either onboard for standalone operation, with Master-Slave selectable for multiple unit synchronization, or from external DMX512 controller. This versatile IP66 rated luminaire is also available in a light weight competitive price warm or cool white colour temperature version, as well as in a wide choice of monochromatic tones, the Easy Edition. The broad selection of optics groups, ranging from spot aperture beams to elliptical wide distribution and the aiming orientation adjustment, further enhance JADE 9 maximum flexibility for any surface mount application purpose.

info: www.griven.com

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