Fresh breeze: Futurelight Wave spots

Two LED bars with three lenses each are mounted on one PAN axis. The TILT movements of both bars can be controlled separately and tilted steplessly. This way, movements and patterns can be programmed which as yet have not been possible – among them waves, after which the spots have been named.

With its six LED beams, the Moving Head can create extraordinary effects. Conducive to that is also the possibility to control each LED separately via DMX: Together with the great number of rotation options, numerous possibilities evolve.

Besides a very powerful cold white version with 6 x 20 Watts LEDs, there is also a color version of the Futurelight Wave, which has 4in1 LEDs (RGBW) with 10 Watts each. While the first version can assert itself on bigger stages, the color version is more suited for smaller events. All beams have a beam angle of 2.5 degrees and are therefore predestined for beam shows.

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