CCTV Installs QSC Active Line Array

Chinese State Broadcaster CCTV has installed a QSC KLA Active Line Array system at its Beijing headquarters, in a 400-seater multi-purpose hall used for meetings, seminars, demonstrations, lectures, and live broadcasts. The installation comprises eight QSC KLA12 elements (four per stereo channel) and two KLA181 subwoofers, all finished in white to match the CCTV building’s aesthetics.
Prime Connections Inc (PCI), the QSC distributor in China, undertook the installation of the KLA system at the CCTV’s architecturally distinctive ‘loop’-shaped skyscraper, familiar to anyone who saw coverage of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The irregularly-shaped, predominantly glass-fronted building presented PCI with some acoustic challenges. “The directivity of the loudspeaker system had to be carefully controlled in order to minimise unwanted reflections from the glass walls,” explains a PCI representative. “With its precise directionality and calculated vertical coverage, the QSC KLA system enabled us to keep the sound away from the glass walls, ensuring that the amplified sound in the hall remains clear with accurate imaging, and the spoken word is reinforced for live broadcasts without compromising intelligibility.”


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