Powersoft Raises Power Amplification to a New Standard

With the launch of the new X Series at ProLight + Sound 2014, Powersoft plans to change the landscape of the professional amplifier market once more.

Much more than a simple amplifier, the new series promises to provide unmatched levels of versatility, flexibility and power without compromising on size, efficiency, audio quality and sheer elegance that has become Powersoft’s modus operandi.


Set to make its debut at the Prolight+Sound show in Frankfurt, the Powersoft X Series will mark a real evolution in pro-audio amplification, much as the seminal K Series did back in 1995 when technologies such as Power Factor Correction (PFC) and switch-mode amplification were introduced for the first time into the professional audio industry.

The Powersoft X Series represents the next step in the evolution of the power amplifier: the first amplifier that in reality is a system tool that integrates a large amount of functionality, generally only found in separate outboard units. This includes an innovative system of channel routing, a truly universal mono, bi and three-phase balancing power supply and a revolutionary fully-featured DSP.

The X Series consists of two models. The X8 is the largest amplifier in the range, boasting eight channels in a 2U chassis, while the X4 features four channels in a single rack unit. Both models share the same power density, being capable of delivering up to 5200W @ 2 ohms per channel.

The X Series natively supports AES3, two redundant Dante by Audinate digital streams and analogue inputs, providing up to four different selectable input sources per channel.

“By focusing on quality and innovation, Powersoft has built a reputation and tradition, for its high performance amplifiers,” states Lee Ellison, CEO of Audinate. “Coupled with the market leading Dante networking option, the new Powersoft X Series amplifier builds on Powersoft’s rich tradition of great solutions for the AV industry.”

Suitable for both low and high impedance applications, the Powersoft X8 and X4 are equally suitable for concert touring and professional fixed installations. The modular construction permits the rear input / output connections to feature either XLR / speakON or Phoenix connectors, depending on the requirement of the specific application.

“The philosophy behind the X Series is to permit the audio system to operate independently from the power mains available at the venue and to allow even smaller racks to be brought to run the show,” explains Luca Giorgi, Pro Audio Business Unit Director at Powersoft. “This brings us even closer to complete integration of the system and provides an unmatched level of control over the behaviour of both the audio and power source.”

The truly universal power supply has worldwide AC acceptance and allows direct connection to any regional power line configuration.

Ultimately flexible and safe, Powersoft’s legendary and reliable power supply is now suitable for Single Phase, Bi-Phase or Three Phase operation from 85 V AC up to 440 V AC without the need for manual selection. True Three Phase load balancing is directly achievable by the unit without any complex load assignment in the power distribution system design. Neutral connection is not necessary given the capability of the unit to work in delta connection on Three Phase Systems. The power supply also features full Power Factor Correction as well as Powersoft’s patented Smart Rails Management technology, ensuring that the X Series runs as cool and efficiently as is currently possible.

“Our sights have been fixed firmly on the future during the design of the X Series,” states Claudio Lastrucci, Powersoft R&D director, “We looked at what we believe amplifiers will require for the next 10 years and made a platform capable of meeting these needs as well as building in a certain level of ‘future proof’ expandability.”

The renowned reliability of Powersoft’s power supplies and the fully protected circuit design guarantee high sustained power to any and all of the output channels of Powersoft X Series amplifiers.


Managing power with Powersoft X4 and X8 becomes extremely easy thanks to the integrated revolutionary low latency DSP providing outstanding quality in signal processing as well as a complete routing and mixing of the input/output channels. Signal management and processing architecture on the Powersoft X Series is composed of six separate sections: Input source selection; Input processing; Matrix; Pre-output processing; Speaker routing; Output processing.

The set-up parameters of the Powersoft X Series are fully integrated into Armonía Pro Audio Suite which offers an intuitive interface for parameter adjustment, a comprehensive control over the digital audio processing and complete real-time monitoring of the system performance. An integrated WiFi connection permits the Powersoft X Series to be accessed and managed via any smartphone or tablet through a user interface specifically developed for local monitoring.

info: www.powersoft-audio.com

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