LD Systems DDQ Series full-range active speakers and Cardioid Subwoofer

Since their introduction, active 2-way speakers of the DDQ series from LD Systems have rapidly conquered the front seats of the Touring Class. Now the series “Made in Germany” has been extended to include a 15″ model and two subwoofers that meet the highest professional requirements in live events and permanent installations.

At the heart of the DDQ 10″, 12″ and 15″ full-range variants is a self-programmed 24-bit/48 kHz Sharc DSP, piloting all system and protective functions and a 1 ms Look Ahead integrated limiter. Even at highest levels, it ensures an absolute freedom from distortion. The heads are equipped with neodymium woofers from FaitalPRO and BMS drivers that are actively powered by Hypex UCD-stage modules, and achieve a superior horizontal symmetry. Rotating horn tweeters and a 50° monitor angle in the cabinets allow them to be operated as a floor monitor.

As a perfect complement to the DDQ full range systems, the subwoofers DDQ Sub18 and DDQ Sub212 provide a solid, dynamic bass foundation. They are also powered by Hypex UCD amplifiers and reach a peak performance of 2800 watts. As a special feature, the DSP control contains presets for 4 different cardioid configurations with two or three subwoofers to achieve an extraordinarily controlled directivity, and a return attenuation of up to 20 dB. This will prevent booming bass on stage, and the monitor sound to be superimposed. As a result, the microphones can therefore reach higher gain levels.

All cabinets in the DDQ series are made of extremely durable birch plywood and are equipped with Evolutive handles, which were specially developed by LD Systems for comfortable and secure transportation.

info: www.ld-systems.com

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