Outline chooses Frankfurt MusikMesse for major multiple product launch

It’s going to be a very busy show for Outline, as they announce the launch of a whole raft of innovative new products at MusikMesse 2014 (stand J70, Hall 8.0) …

The best-selling EIDOS range expands yet further with the addition of three new members, the X123W, the 6.5 and the 12 SP:

The EIDOS X123W is a classic multi-purpose problem-solver, combining high power with an asymmetric cabinet design allowing myriad applications. Its use of modern co-axial driver technology (12”/3” LF/HF) allows a very light and compact unit to deliver serious spl.

The EIDOS 6.5 is a super-compact 6.5” + 1” module designed for installation purposes, especially where space is limited but which also requires power and intelligibility. It is also available in virtually any colour to match surroundings where needed.

The EIDOS 12 SP is a very powerful multi-role device containing a 12” LF transducer and 1.75” compression driver, powered by internal Class D amplifiers and thus offering all the advantages of self-powered loudspeakers, and also featuring a rotatable HF waveguide allowing use in vertical or horizontal orientations.

Outline’s Movie Series welcomes a new member with the FX 101, designed as a surround-sound module for deployment in modern cinema applications. The 10” + 1” design includes a special ‘upside-down’ driver orientation and 10-degree slanted baffle which combine to provide a very smooth LF/HF blend both in the near and mid-field, both on and off axis.

The DBS 18-2i subwoofer is the latest Outline product to feature their unique ‘Decoupled Baffle Subwoofer’ design, which increases the structural integrity of the cabinet and also reduces resonance and air turbulence around the reflex ports. Dual 18” long-excursion transducers produce up to 141dB SPL peak @ 1m. Designed for permanent installation applications that demand high-powered, integrated audio systems.

The brand-new iP24 iMode digital processor is a multi-role 2-input / 4-output DSP loudspeaker controller in a single rackspace design. It provides, for the first time, all the features associated with the iMode platform – www.outlineimode.com – to control external amplifiers and passive sound reinforcement systems.

It uniquely features FIR / WFIR (Warped Frequency Finite Impulse Response) filtering technology, based on the same principle as human hearing which distributes the frequency resolution over a semi-logarithmic scale and produces a more natural auditory response.

All onboard audio I/O can run either analogue or digital, and connection via standard Ethernet allows total system control via a PC web browser, iPhone / iPad and Mac OS X using Outline’s proprietary control software. Four General Purpose connections are also available to allow integration of third-party systems (such as voice evacuation) as well as power control, mute and fault notification to the external monitoring system. To ensure the best possible stability and operational reliability, Outline have chosen the Linux operating system for the iP24, the standard for many mission-critical military and medical applications.

The amazingly useful FASTQC-LS loudspeaker test device allows instant analysis of multiple-element loudspeaker elements, flagging up an electric faults such as broken connections, open-circuit coils etc. Self-powered by an internal cell, this great little gadget is an absolute must for systems techs everywhere!

Finally the new FRM-GTO-LW lightweight (50Kg / 110lb) flybar complements both the new GTO C-12 and the existing GTO line-array systems as it allows up to 12 and 9 elements respectively to be flown from a single 1-tonne motor. Its design also allows it to be used as a ground-stack base on occasions when flying is not possible.

Outline will be exhibiting at the Prolight+Sound on March 12-15, 2014, stand J70, Hall 8.0., in Frankfurt, Germany.

info: www.outline.it

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