Visual Productions launches Cuety at Prolight+Sound 2014

On the stand Visual Productions will be proud to show you their latest innovation with the product launch of Cuety: Lighting Control for iOS Cuety is a new generation lighting controller that turns your iPad into a powerful lighting console.

Easy to use and budget friendly, Cuety enables you to take full advantage of the iPad’s mobility and multi-touch display. The app works together with the new LPU-1 lighting engine. This engine runs your show, calculates fade times and renders dynamic FXs.

The system architecture of combining the Cuety and LPU-1 is robust; in the case of a WIFI interruption your show will go on.

Also on the stand will be the Solid-state product line which includes the CueCore. Alongside these hardware products will be the latest versions of the popular Cuelux and CueluxPro software lighting controllers.


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