The d&b audiotechnik D80 amplifier

More refined than anything before, the powerful four channel D80 amplifier sits right at the very heart of any d&b audiotechnik system. With sophisticated control capabilities and the power to efficiently drive d&b loudspeakers, the comprehensive management and protection functionalities are dedicated to mobile or installation applications.

The high power density 2 RU D80 amplifier incorporates Digital Signal Processing to provide configurations for the entire d&b loudspeaker range. Each of the four channels integrated into the D80 feature a signal delay of up to ten seconds and two 16-band equalizers, providing parametric, notch, shelving and asymmetric filters. Additionally, specific functions for d&b loudspeakers, such as CUT (Cut mode), CPL (Coupling), HFC (High Frequency Compensation) and CSA (Cardioid Sub Array) are included as well as the selectable output configurations, Dual channel, Mix TOP/SUB and 2-Way Active. Both analog and digital inputs and links are provided. All four outputs can deliver up to 4000 Watts into 4 ohms and are distributed through the single NL8 connector, or the individual loudspeaker outputs. The LoadMatch function electronically compensates for loudspeaker cable
properties, without the need for an extra conductor. This results in increased accuracy of audio reproduction over a bandwidth of up to 20 kHz, preserving the tonal balance when using cable lengths of up to 70 m (230 ft). The Class D amplifier utilizes a switch mode power supply with active Power Factor Correction (PFC) suitable for mains voltages 100 – 127 V/208 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz. The output capability of the D80 is largely independent from voltage variations caused by substandard electrical sources; optimum system performance will be maintained when running from heavily loaded mains supplies.

All features and functions can be easily controlled via the TFT colour touchscreen and rotary encoder on the front of the amplifier. The D80 integrates with the d&b Remote network via the established CAN-Bus or Ethernet, using the OCA (Open Control Architecture) protocols. The d&b R1 Remote control software provides a flexible workspace where all features, functions and controls available on the front panel of d&b amplifiers can be remotely grouped, monitored and managed. New versions of the d&b ArrayCalc simulation software, the planning tool for d&b systems, and the d&b R1 Remote control software, support the D80 amplifier.

“d&b has gained a reputation for reliability over many years and generations of systems,” explains Product Manager Marc Weber. ”It is very difficult to design reliability; the D80 is the result of careful planning and meticulous attention to detail during research, development and production. This included a period of thorough field testing over several years, at major festivals, tours, events and performances around the world. The feedback has instilled confidence that the D80 amplifier, which is now officially available, will fulfill the expectations of a d&b product well into the future.”


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