Elation EWDMX IP a Reliable Wireless DMX Transmitter/Receiver

The EWDMX IP Transceiver is a wireless DMX transmitter/receiver and the next generation of powerful wireless DMX control from Elation Professional. Compatible with all previous Elation EWDMX and W-DMX products, this new unit offers full RDM support and comes in an IP65-rated enclosure for outdoor use.

The EWDMX IP uses W-DMX G4 protocol for reliable dual band operation and is an easy way to connect remote fixtures to a DMX system. It offers a fast and easy way of connecting and setting up a lighting system and is especially useful for a lighting system with hard to get at fixtures as no cables are required.

The EWDMX IP saves time and reduces expensive downtime by eliminating the hassle of having to run 100’s of meters of cable, deal with loose connections or have riggers fasten and troubleshoot cables. The EWDMX facilitates both set up of the lighting system and lighting programming. The EWDMX IP also supports the industry-standard RDM protocol for information feedback and monitoring, allowing users to gather lighting fixture data remotely for immediate attention.

Even with a high level of wireless traffic, the EWDMX IP works reliably thanks to Adaptive Frequency Hopping technology, which only uses channels not used by other W-LAN and/or any other products on the 2.45 GHz or 5.8GHz band. The result is a much more reliable connection without interference.

info: www.elationlighting.com

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