coolux Presents Pandoras Box Compact Player

coolux will present a versatile and powerful new hardware product at this year’s ISE. The Pandoras Box Compact Player is a hardware based media player that is both small in size and great when it comes to reliability and power.

Whether as part of a cutting edge digital signage installation inside a modern museum or even on board a cruise ship, this latest addition to the Pandoras Box product family can play a vital role in a great number of different professional playback scenarios.


The Compact Player’s Playlist feature makes it really easy to play back multiple media files in a row without the need of programming separate containers on a timeline sequence.

An unlimited number of Compact Players can be centrally controlled and synchronised via network, using the Pandoras Box Manager Software.

Multiscreen installations and similar setups are of course also possible.

The robust Compact Player was developed for professional 24/7 use and is built using server grade hardware.

coolux Pandoras Box Compact Player Tech-Specs:

  • Hard Drive Capacity: SSD 120 GB
  • Maximum Playback Resolution: 2 x 1920 x 1080p @ 25/30 fps
  • USB Ports: 3x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0
  • 2 Video Layers
  • Unlimited Graphics Layers
  • Interactive Web Browser included
  • Control via Javascript possible

ISE visitors will be able to see a number of major new Pandoras Box software features in action for the first time.

coolux will also show additional hardware components such as the following:


Pandoras Box NetLink: The newly developed range of coolux NetLink products make it possible to convert a great number of external inputs into network data. Each NetLink unit can be equipped with up to two modules that can be freely configured.

A very important role played by NetLink products is the connection between switching relays, sensor input and output as well as the award winning coolux Widget Designer control software.

Pandoras Box EDID Link:  The coolux EDID Link is an EDID generator developed to be perfectly aligned with the Pandoras Box product family.

One of its major features, in addition to its very robust design, is the ability to supply power via USB or DVI. You can also select pre-programmed presets by using a rotary switch on the actual body of the EDID Link.

Up to 50 different EDIDs can be freely chosen and set, using a simple and user friendly GUI.

coolux ID Tags: The coin sized coolux ID Tags make real-time tracking scenarios not only easier to set up, but also more reliable, more versatile and more cost effective. Each of the tags can be addressed with a unique ID, which opens up the possibility of up to 256 different unique IDs being tracked in real-time within a single setup.


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