TC Group Brings Integrated Solutions to ISE 2014

With a larger presence than ever before, TC Group’s install and tour brands – Tannoy, Lab.gruppen and Lake – are bringing a their extensive range of commercial install and performance audio products to ISE 2014 in February, showcasing their integrated audio systems for the installation market.

ISE 2014 will see the first major European debut of Lab.gruppen’s LUCIA amplifier, which offers consultants and installers a decentralised solution without compromise, presented here alongside the complementary loudspeaker products from Tannoy.

Perfect for low cost, low hassle commercial installations such as boardrooms, classrooms and retail outlets, the 2-channel LUCIA (Localized Utility Compact Intelligent Amplification) is an extremely compact and versatile Energy Star compliant Class D platform. Combining innovative low-impedance electronics with cutting edge processing from the world of high-end broadcast audio, LUCIA delivers consistently great sound at any listening level.

The LUCIA M model variants include ADLC (Automatic Dynamic Loudness Contouring) which provides a “fuller” and more comfortable listening experience – especially at low perceived levels. Dynamic processing automatically “eases off” at higher SPL so that the system maintains a consistent full bandwidth sound with full impact at all levels. ‘M’ models also benefit from additional DSP functionality and 4 x 4 mix matrix.

With a range of on-board presets, LUCIA offers optimised performance with Tannoy’s class leading CMS Series in ceiling loudspeakers and other leading Tannoy product lines such as CVS and DVS, all of which will be on show at ISE.

Moving into performance audio, Lab.gruppen’s IPD Series again offers packaged system optimisation and easy configuration with Tannoy’s flagship sound reinforcement lines, including VX and VSX Series via officially released presets (Load Library).

At the heart of the IPD platform is a latest-generation DSP engine equipped with up to a total of 40 real-time, multi-slope parametric EQs along with adjustable gain, input and output delay, and both high- and low-pass filters adjustable to any frequency.

The DSP also provides extensive protection for your loudspeaker system, in the form of the innovative software-controlled Speaker Protect Limiter, configured with ease from within IntelliDrive Controller software. Harnessing all of this power is child’s play thanks to the IPD LoadLibrary, a collection of Lab.gruppen released presets – for quick configuration and optimization of a wide range of loudspeaker systems, both generic and popular brand models.

Mark Flanagan, VP of Marketing for TC Group’s Install & Tour brands, commented: “This year will see our biggest investment in ISE to date, with a bigger presence and more integrated approach to presenting our installed sound products. Increasingly we are offering our customers packaged solutions that bring together the performance and value advantages of each of our brands, particularly in uniting Tannoy’s loudspeaker technologies with the power amplification and DSP of Lab.gruppen – and this is something we’re making a keener effort to communicate and present at this year’s show.”

Completing Lab.gruppen’s offering will be the flagship PLM Series, which is swiftly becoming the go to platform for large scale networks and installations across the world, including stadiums such as Twickenham (London), BC Place (Vancouver) and the Emirates Arena (Glasgow).

As well as CMS and VX Series, also featuring on stand for Tannoy will be the latest developments in QFlex, the company’s digitally steerable column array. Available in a range of sizes to suit any application, from the QFlex 8 all the way to the QFlex 64, the range now benefits from full integration with Ease Focus 2.0 and steering presets, saving both time and effort during complex installation and tuning of a venue. The new VNET/Ethernet bridge also enhances QFlex’s capabilities in large scale network applications such as transport hubs.

A new range of VNET VSX subwoofers are also being introduced to fully complement QFlex and other Tannoy ranges. Perfect for those applications that require LF enhancement whilst maintaining the sonic clarity across the listening plane, the new subwoofers will add an additional three models to the range, all of which will be showcased on Stand R98.

In addition to the professional ranges, Tannoy will also be showcasing many of its residential products at ISE 2014, including the European debut of the new $75,000 Kingdom Royal Carbon Black, the most powerful residential loudspeaker ever created in the company’s 87-year history.

With a range of optimised solutions being showcased on a brand new stand design, you can find Tannoy, Lab.gruppen and Lake in Hall 5 Stand R98.


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