Griven in Poland – Alight with rainbow colours

Built within a recent urban regeneration and environmental improvement programme promoted by the city of Danzig, the viaduct WD-1, better known as PGE Arena viaduct due to its proximity to the famous stadium, has been lately awarded the Polish “Bridge of the Year” prize. The panel members honored the PGE Arena viaduct for its: ”innovative design and resourceful engineering solutions, perfectly suiting the needs of the surroundings”. With a total length of 261 m, the viaduct consists of four spans based on a pre-stressed concrete structure. The main central span, stretching above the city railway tracks, is sustained by a steel arch, whose twice-twisting pipes are interconnected by tubes and suspension cables forming together an outstanding architectural design.

In order to further enhance its peculiar features at night, an unprecedented decorative lighting has been added to the PGE Arena viaduct. Conceived by the company DS-STUDIO, the lighting design of the viaduct consists of three different colour scenes. During the matches of Lechia Gdañsk, the colours of the football club, white and green, will burst on the scene. On the occasion of international sports activities or representation games, white and red, the colours of the Polish flag, will be preferred, while a smooth change of rainbow colours each 20 seconds is already lighting up the viaduct every night. Through the cooperation of DS-STUDIO with the Polish exclusive distributor for GRIVEN products, the company PROLIGHT Sp. z.o.o., 54 units of DANUBE MK2 RGBW with elliptical optics have been installed close to the guardrails of the central span of the viaduct in order to illuminate its twisting steel pipes from below. The result is amazing: the functional shape of the viaduct gives way to its architectural essence, which comes out in shiny colours.

A versatile and performing fixture using 80 high brightness LEDs to achieve an extremely high light output, DANUBE MK2 can be installed in any position and orientation. The combination of RGBW LEDs offers an unprecedented astonishing white light output quality, as well as a huge variety of intermediate colour hues for a broad range of application purposes. Narrow aperture spot lenses and wide elliptical distribution are part of the large optional selection of optics groups available in order to meet the most demanding architectural needs. Moreover, these LED fixtures can be remotely controlled in real time through a new monitoring and management system working via website from a PC or a mobile device. “The system enables an intelligent control of the lighting installation according to weather conditions and traffic intensity “ asserts Dariusz S³upczyñski, owner of DS Studio, expert in civil lighting engineering.


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