Tenishevs Cultural and Exhibition Center in Smolensk: Culture enhanced by colours

Within a comprehensive building and restoration plan dedicated to the celebrations for the 1150th anniversary of the constitution of the city of Smolensk (Smolensk Oblast – Russia), a large-scale operation has led during the past months to the construction or renovation of numerous community facilities and buildings, architectural monuments, roads and public transportation ways. Considered one of the most representative architectural jewels built on this occasion, the brand new Tenishevs Cultural and Exhibition Center (CEC) will be officially inaugurated in Smolensk on August, 31st.

Named after Prince Tenishevs, who contributed along with his wife to the enrichment of the cultural and artistic life of the city, this 3,650 sqm multifunctional center is built in a high-tech contemporary style. While its ground floor is totally dedicated to service facilities, the second and third floors are reserved, according to their flexible design concept, for exhibitions, concerts and theatrical performances. The wide hall on the second floor is equipped with a modular stage and features an auditorium with 400 seats for chamber music programmes and communicates with the third floor through a pyramidal glass atrium that creates a sensation of interconnection between the ambiences while enhancing their natural enlightenment.

The lighting design of the CEC outside structure was required to emphasize the peculiar architectural features of this snail-shaped building with a uniform colour touch, evenly flowing along the curved walls while avoiding the front pyramid-like glass window, already widely illuminated from the inside. In order to reach a well diffused floodlighting based on intense and bright colour shades, 13 units of GRIVEN COLOSSEO OS CYM 1000 have been mounted on poles installed at different distances along the whole perimeter of the building. Moreover, each projector has been equipped with expansion filters and barndoors, whose smart combination allows a uniform and well directed light.

Supplied by GRIVEN exclusive distributor for Russia, DSL Company, and installed by Altair, a full range services firm located in Smolensk, COLOSSEO OS CYM 1000 is a powerful colour changer for outdoor architectural lighting. The high light output afforded by its 1000 watt lamp allows this CYM fitting to create wall washing effects on large buildings, assuring even colour coverage and brilliant shades over a wide area. The IP65 rating makes the unit suitable for virtually any exterior application. Colour sequences can be selected from a pre-programmed internal controller, with multiple unit synchronization possible, or controlled from any DMX512 control system.

info: www.griven.it

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