QSC Q-Sys Ready For Safety of Life at Sea Approval

QSC is proud to announce that several key components of its Q Sys networked audio management platform, and all of the models in the CX amplifier line, have achieved IEC60945 certification. This is the final stage in the process of rendering them eligible for use at sea under the internationally recognised maritime safety conventions known collectively as SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea).


The QSC Core 1000, 3000 and 4000 processors, together with their associated Page Stations, I/O Frame audio interfaces and CX amplifiers achieved IEC60945 certification (SOLAS) by conforming to an extremely stringent set of internationally recognised standards. It is illegal to use equipment on the high seas that has not achieved SOLAS certification, and indeed a vessel’s maritime insurance may be invalidated unless all equipment used on board is SOLAS-approved. Approval is not granted unless the international shipping standards agency and classification society DNV is satisfied that the equipment used on board a vessel is in accordance with IEC standard 60945. The IEC60945 certification of QSC’s Q-Sys components follows many months of work in collaboration with maritime safety and AV entertainment systems integrator FUNA.

“AV integrators have been approaching us for some time asking if Q-Sys may be used in conjunction with PA/VA systems on marine vessels. Now, having achieved SOLAS approval with Q-Sys, the answer is a definite yes,” explains Scott Kalarchik, Director, Integrated System Solutions at QSC. “This opens an exciting new market for Q-Sys, one which makes the most of its strengths as a networkable management platform for mission-critical evacuation systems. We already have confirmed commitments for the use of Q-Sys in a number of maritime projects, which were contingent only on achieving SOLAS certification. We will be making official announcements about some of these in the near future.”

info: www.qsc.com

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