Robe Lights 2013 Elita Festival in Milan

Lighting designers Stefano Limone and Gianfranco Saponaro included 12 x Robe ROBIN Pointes and eight LEDWash 600s in their scheme at the Teatro Franco Parenti, one of the larger venues at the new Elita Ouverture Festival, a celebration of EDM and electronic arts staged at various venues in Milan, Italy.

The lighting for the duration of the festival was looked after at the venue by Walter Lutzu, who has also been a keen Robe user for some time and loves the new Pointe multi-purpose fixtures in particular. He says, “It’s a great product, lightweight and compact, with a host of features that make it highly versatile”.

Robe Elita Festival 2013 (1)

With Elita being an EDM festival, there was a need for lots of backlighting and filling the stage space with lights.

Six of the Pointes were positioned on the floor behind the DJ booth. For De La Soul’s performance, these were re-positioned to be between the DJ console and speaker arrays. The remaining six were rigged on a central stage truss.

Walter made the most of a series of moveable mirrors on the backdrop that were part of a spectacular stage set designed by Marco Klefish getting great results using light refraction techniques. He used the Pointe’s 6-facet rotating prism (indexable in both directions) to create some beautiful effects as well as the two gobo wheels in the fixture.

Robe Elita Festival 2013 (2)

He also created eye-catching effects by changing the zoom and combining the prism with shutter chases and shades of blue and magenta.

He’s used Robe’s LEDWash series products on many of his previous projects and likes them immensely. For Elita, they were chosen for their good output, excellent colour mixing and range of CTO whites and hung on the central and back trusses onstage to produce the most efficient stage washes and back light. They changed the colour of the performance space and produced vibrant pulsing colour effects.

Robe Elita Festival 2013 (3)

The lighting aesthetics of Teatro Franco Parenti were greatly enriched by the backdrop which comprised three levels of adjustable vertical mirrors. Many dramatic lighting looks and scenes came from focusing the Pointes onto the mirrors and moving either the fixtures or the mirrors or both elements simultaneously.


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