K-array Powers a Parisian Digital Signage Installation

Sennheiser France started distributing K-array’s speaker systems about 3 years ago. “The introduction of new components in the Redline series about 1 ½ years ago really gave K-array the push it needed in the French market” Romain Vet, Sennheiser France’s Product Manager commented. “K-array’s Pythons and Kobras have been really appreciated by our customers, from both the professional audio market and the architectural design sector.


Thanks to their efficient and compact loudspeaker solutions, we have been retained to install audio is several important French design projects” Romain continued. The latest digital signage installation in Paris reveals the seamless synergy between video and audio. The installation of Digital Dream, launched in September 2013, is the first digital signage hub of 250m² of this dimension in Paris. Set up in the heart of 4 Temps shopping center in La Défense neighborhood, the installation boasts a gigantic 66m² screen and 100 totems spanning over the center’s 3 floors. Strategically placed in a heavily trafficked area to captivate shoppers, the screens were installed under the Dome giving a new visual dimension and constituting a new innovative form of digital communication.

digital_sig_2With the Dome as a backdrop, this unique digital format comprises a 250 m² LED screen that runs 20 hours of continuous advertising creating a complete 360° emotional shopping experience. “The integration the audio system was a huge challenge: First, the sound diffusion needed to uniformly cover the shopping center’s 3 floors, with particular attention to the food court, but the loudspeaker system also had to be discreetly integrated in the installation” Romain commented. Sennheiser’s client, Audio Vidéo Installation (AVI) installed six 3D line-array KP102 variable beam speakers and two ultra-light high-power 18″ KMT18P subwoofers on the side of the central wall , which guarantees full sound coverage but is also visually invisible. “The calibration of the system was also a challenge” Romain remarked. “The installation took us 3 nights to set up, we could only start working on it when the doors closed in the evening. We were looking for perfection in the quality, power and we also required a system that was visually impressive yet discreet. K-array was exactly what we were looking for.”

info: www.sennheiser.fr
info: www.les4temps.com
info: www.k-array.com

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