Show your true colors!

With the new Futurelight DMH-32, it’s gonna get colorful – responsible is a quadcolor LED as illuminant and a very special prism effect. Moving Heads with LEDs as illuminants are no longer unusual; the DMH-32 with its 32 Watt quadcolor LED is, though.

Low price – high quality

The quadcolor LED of the DMH-32 comes with the colors red, green, blue and white. In that it acts as a color wheel, the measurements of the spot at 24 x 20 x 34 cm are manageable – its weight is also very low with only 7 kg. And so is the recommended retail price: Only € 839.

Extraordinary prism

A special highlight is the prism of the DMH-32, which is unique in the industry. Normally, a prism is congruent – but that’s not possible due to the size of the DMH-32. To raise it into the limelight, however, the prism effect got a special touch. For not only the image, but also the colors are split. Inside the gobos, you can see a color gradient – so, for example, the 5 facets shine in white and green or in blue and purple. There has not been an effect like this on the market to date.

Generous equipment

For a device of its price range, the DMH-32 is amply equipped. In addition to its stepless RGBW color mixture, it features a gobo wheel with six rotating gobos (plus open), a gobo-shake-function and, thanks to its three-phase motors, a very high PAN/TILT speed. The light output can be compared to a 150 Watt discharge lamp.


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